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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 24, 2011 4:30am-4:59am EDT

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against fo other sdiers, still fanges. charg izona shooting suspe jared loughner is at a feral mel facility for tests. the determination is whether lo is ughneretent to stand trial. he is acsed in the aacthat lled 6 and wounded 1othe at a tucson shopping center januy. staffing at air traffic control towers around the country bei reviewed. that's after two planes were forced to land aone of t on's busiest airports without help from the tor. the one contller, aprently nodded off. jim sciuttnow reports from reagan national. >> reporter: f more than 20 mites, theower areagan ominously iet.rt had ge at 12:10.m., ameriinn airl after being handed over fromer regionalontrollers. follpilot executed a go-around, ing routine aviation procedure. failing to raisehe tower on
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the second approac the pilot treated the airport as if it were uncontrolled anlanded. 15 minut later, un also was una contact anyonen threagan wer. >> tower is apparently unmanned. lledn the phone. and nobody's answering. so, that acraft wentn just asn uncontrolledport. >> that's interesting. >> it is. it's hapned before, though. reporr: both flights landed safely. there s just one controller on duty at that hou the ntsb, now, investigating whether he was aslp, away from his desk, or there was some communication problem with the wer. whatever they find, they wil certainly be reviewing staffing levels at this airport just 2 1/2 miles from the white house. jim sciutto, abc news, areagan naon airport. now, to a develong story overnight, as firefighters battle a he infeo at miami international airport. the tuation is extremely daerous ere because a fuel stage fality went up in flames. drat footage there. these pictures were taken by a viewer and sent to an filiate one important note, though.
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rport c attraffihipoint is not affected. >> unbeliecturble pi there. king a look at the weath om all around the nation. heavy rain in the nortrn half calornia, with showers up the coast, into portland and seattle. up to two feet of snow in the sira nevadas. and also, four to six inches in the rockies. cooler in the northet, with light, morning snow from new york to sthn new gland. >> 38 bost.on 45 in new york. and 64 in atlanta. a chilly 23 in fargo. and 33 in detroit. mostly 50s from seattle to sacramento and the nice spots, well, miam hovers near . while new orleans and dall hit the upper 70s. i'm jealous. >> sounds good. all right. well, coming up, the loss of a legend. >> have you ever tht of what you wanted on your tombstone? >> barbara walters' favorite moments from her fivinterviews and ter his "gma" blowup, chris brown is now apologizing. you'll see it when we come back.
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impressive resume. thank you. you know what, tell me, what makes peter, peter ? well, i'm an avid catamaran sailor.
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overseas stocks are mixed this morning. was down the hong kong's hang seng was higher. in london, the ftse opened higher, as well. and on wall street, the dow gained 67 points. the nasdaq index added 14. well, you're going to have to wait a little longer for toyota's prius minivan. the automaker was going to roll it out next month. but the earthquake actually
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disrupted the production of parts for japanese automakers. that shortage will also idle toyota plants in this country. the earthquakes, the tsunami and the radiation leaks are becoming a boon for one industry, the companies that make doomsday shelters. those companies report inquiries are up as much as 1,000%. the shelters range in price from $10,000, to millions. and some good news for your grocery story bill. vegetable prices should be coming down in the next few weeks. they shot up 50% in the last month because of cold weather in the south and in mexico. but now, crops planted after the freezes are coming in. well, there is now one less way for drunk drivers to avoid police checkpoints. the maker of blackberry phones is now pulling apps that show where police is waiting, after pressure from four democratic senators. so far, the apps are still available on both apple and google. also this morning, the gay cure app in itunes is now history. apple has vowed to pressure and remove the controversial
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software, which had been provided by a christian ministry. but you can still get golf lessons from tiger woods on your mobile device. the new app called tiger woods my swing, costs a pricey $10. but tiger is donating his share to his foundation. >> boy, he really needs a win. let's see how he does. >> time to get back on track for tiger. long overdue. when we come back, chris brown apologizes. also, elizabeth taylor's friend turned foe, turned friend again. we spoke to debbie reynolds. what's left behind? [ female announcer ] introducing purifying facial cleanser from neutrogena® naturals. developed with dermatologists... it's clinically proven to remove 99% of dirt and toxins and purify pores. and with natural willowbark it contains no dyes, parabens or harsh sulfates. dirt and toxins do a vanishing act
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no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. motrin pm. and now, for a look at morning road conditions. icy patches on i-95, from new york to southern new england. and on i-90, from boston to syracuse. and wet into the pacific northwest. >> and if you're flying today, airport delays are possible in
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san francisco, los angeles, salt lake city, boston, new york and in philly. friends and family, of course, all around the world, are remembering elizabeth taylor this morning for her life and her legacy, on and off the screen. >> taylor died of congestive heart failure yesterday at the age of 79, after a storied career that began when she was just a child. our barbara walters interviewed taylor five times. >> reporter: the last icon and first global superstar. she once told me she couldn't remember a time when she wasn't famous. famous for her acting, illnesses, jewelry, friends, marriages and divorces. above all, for her stunning beauty. whether glamorously thin, or later unhappily heavy, time never dimmed her legendary violet eyes. >> every day, i pray to god to give me horses. >> reporter: pushed by her mother, elizabeth was a movie star at 12 years old. >> how do you do? >> reporter: her career spanned
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70 years and more than 50 films. >> i feel all the time like a cat on a hot tin roof. >> reporter: opposite the screen's greatest leading men. she was the first actress to earn $1 million for a movie. and won two oscars. her last was a searing 1966 performance. >> maybe georgie boy didn't have the stuff. and maybe he didn't have it in him. >> reporter: but elizabeth the actress, was often eclipsed by elizabeth, the woman. married eight times to seven men. she married richard burton twice. the public and paparazzi consumed her every romance. she said there were two great loves in her life. director, mike todd, who tragically died after one year of marriage. and richard burton, whom in 1962, she met on the set of "cleopatra." we both tried very hard to resist. it was just like, boom. >> reporter: and the rest, as they say is history.
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both were married at the time. and their very public affair, condemned by the vatican, became an international scandal. throughout the '60s, the burtons were the most celebrated couple on the planet. superstars before there was such a word. lovers and friends all showered her with jewelry, a collection considered one of the finest in the world. oh, look at that. in later years, taylor successfully transformed herself into a businesswoman, selli ini perfume. but her humanitarian work may be her greatest legacy. using her fame to raise millions for aids research. bravely standing by actor rock hudson, one of its first victims, when others shunned him. to the public, she may have been the last, great movie star. but for those who knew her, she was also a loving mother and loyal friend. >> there's been so many lessons. life and death lessons.
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emotional lessons. i don't believe in regrets. and i have no idea what's going to happen tomorrow. no one does. >> reporter: the elizabeth taylor i knew was honest and salty and even gaudy sometimes. when i asked her what she wanted on her tombstone, she told me, here lies elizabeth. she hated being called liz. but she lived. >> so quotable, too. if you want to see more, barbara will share more of her memories on "good morning america." one of taylor's seven ex-husbands, former senator john warner, will remember her as a woman whose heart and soul were as beautiful as her classic face. also, debbie reynolds also had kind words for taylor. the two patched up their friendship, after taylor stole eddie fisher from reynolds. >> of course, we had a bumpy ride there for a little while when she sought company of my
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husband permanently, which was an unusual occurrence. and we were past through that. through the years, we remained friends. i spoke with elizabeth about two to three weeks ago. she said it was really tough. and she was not happy with the way things were going. but that she was doing the best she could. and she said, old age is not for sissies, which we all know is true. >> pretty amazing, those two able to maintain that friendship after all that. we will hear from debbie reynolds on "good morning america," as well. >> plus, the husbands, the jewels and the legacy of this legendary icon, elizabeth taylor. well, singer, chris brown, is apologizing for his actions after an appearance on "good morning america." he spoke with robin roberts on tuesday. and in that interview, she asked about his domestic abuse case, involving his former girlfriend, rihanna. after performing, brown broke a window in his dressing room. last night, he spoke on the
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b.e.t. show, "106th & park." >> i want to apologize to anybody who was startled in the office and offended in my actions. i was disappointed in the way i acted. a lot of people don't know what went down. >> hmm. now, brown told his fans not to send any threatening messages to robin roberts. in other news, the mystery of a missing connecticut teenager has been solved. the 13-year-old was found safe and at an abandoned farm near her home. officials downplayed reports that the seventh grader was a victim of bullying. here's evidence that you're never too old to love. meet this couple. she's 90. they just got married to celebrate his 100th birthday. they warmed up for the wedding by dating for 28 years. they did it pretty well. he asked why they never got married. she said, you never asked me.
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they finally did. congratulations to the handsome and happy couple. coming up next, the stories we'll be following later today, including that severe weather across the country. and the region seeing the heaviest damage. plus, who to root for at the sweet 16 gets under way today. i've had asthma for 11 years... ...but my symptoms kept coming back... ...kept coming back. then i found out advair helps prevent symptoms from happening in the first place. advair is for asthma that's not well controlled on a long-term asthma medicine, such as an inhaled corticosteroid. advair will not replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. advair contains salmeterol which increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. advair is not for people whose asthma is well controlled with a long-term asthma control medicine like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled your doctor will decide if you can stop advair
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and now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching this thursday. people near pittsburgh will be cleaning up after a reported tornado damaged at least 30 homes and 2 schools, as well. it was part of a severe weather outbreak that blew in from ohio to tennessee, with hurricane-force winds and golf ball-sized hail. the u.n. security council meets today to discuss the no-fly zone over libya. president obama says he wants to hand off u.s. responsibility for the military mission by this weekend. relief for millions of people in japan today. water restrictions in tokyo have just been lifted after radiation levels finally dropped. but dangerous work continued at the damaged nuclear plant, where three workers were overexposed today to radiation. and a report is due out later today on hunger in america. and the statistics are shocking. more than 50 million americans could not afford food at some point in 2009. that includes 17 million children and also the unemployed. and news on the other side of the spectrum. tiger woods returns to action today, teeing off at the arnold
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palmer invitational in florida as he prepares for the masters next month. it's been 16 months since woods won a pga event. and byu and duke are the highly-seeded teams taking to the court tonight when the march madness sweet 16 gets under way today. a trip to the final four, who is it going to be? >> come on, tar heels. >> oh, boy. for some of you, now, your local news is coming up next. >> and for everyone else, we'll show you why elizabeth taylor's death really is the end of an era. [ woman ] welcome back, jogging stroller. you've been stuck in the garage, while my sneezing and my itchy eyes took refuge from the dust in here and the pollen outside. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms. it's the brand allergists recommend most. ♪ lily and i are back on the road again. where we belong.
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to be propped up and brought up... it's only natural. help is not a scary thing. so rejoice now, hear my voice now. support is what the world is about now. all we need to do is reach out now. whatever you're going through, we're here to listen... to provide help and hope when you need it most. visit your life your voice dot org for e-mail and live chat, or call anytime 1-800-448-3000 (tdd# 1-800-448-1433). it's your life. it's your voice. use it. now "good morning maryland." more bad news for the baltimore city police department. i linda so. a veteran cop is charged with sexually abusing a girl. also ahead this morning a. fire at an unlikely place. crews in miami were at the airport putting out flames.
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wild weather north of us cleanup is on the way in pennsylvania where a tornado ripped through one area of the state. we will take you there in a bit. in the mep time, good thursday morning. thanks so much -- meantime, good thursday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i am megan pringle charley is off. >> the storms blew through our air cra. hail from carroll and baltimore county and the eastern -- area. hail from carroll and baltimore counties and the eastern shore. this is hail almost the size of a penny that quayle in near crumpton. yes, it came through and it was potent across the region. how about storm reports. and being see no official reports around the immediate area that. red dot is the for neighedo we will talk about in -- tornado we will talk about in greensboro. damage estimates by the national weather service will be begin today.
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there may be flurries on the north side of the mountains and the cold air will spill in. down to freezing in pittsburgh. and we will talk about the cold air and our chance of snow coming up. here's kim with a first look at traffic. >> reporter: thanks. good morning. traffic looks good early on. no major issues or accidents to let you know about. looking live at 95, just north of the of white marsh, traffic is moving well heading toward beltway and towards the tunnels. we have reports of some high water in kingsville affecting the southbound lanes of bel air road at jerusalem that blocks the right lane this morning. also
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